Snufkin Aged Twelve
Summer to Winter, 2008
Lincoln, Nebraska


Beautiful, intelligent Snufkin
(5 June 2008)

Still beautiful and intelligent ... but doesn’t that transparent cornea look weird?
(June 2008)

“I don’t know why you need so many photos of me on this windowsill, year after year.”
(June 2008)

Snufkin enjoys a new rug. All new rugs are Snufkin’s.

Left: curled up but alert. This was taken one minute after the top picture on this page. She was done posing on the windowsill.

Below left: stretching so hard her mouth fell open.

Below right: scratching so fast her foot was in two places at the same time.

(June 2008)


It’s rare that Snufkin looks really happy in a picture.
Stay happy and healthy, Snufkin!
(June 2008)


Catching some early morning sun.
This window faces east.

A little angry (see the ear twisted back). Very leggy.
(June 2008)


A very notable photograph.
First, her back toes are spread wide. This is (a) unusual in a photograph and (b) cute.
Second, the photo nicely illustrates the boundaries of each of Snufkin’s four white patches.

1. Face, chin and upper chest
2. Right front paw, including an extension to cover the “thumb” (visible above)
3. Left front paw, including thumb extension (not visible)
4. Chest, belly and back legs

Patch 4 (belly) includes her back legs but not her front paws, which are the very neat patches 2 and 3.
Patch 4 (belly) is not connected to patch 1 (chin); there is a narrow diagonal strip of brown.

I particularly like the thumb extensions, and the way the white goes down the insides of her back legs to encircle her feet.

Snufkin enjoys some human things.

First, Reina’s chair, while tucked in as small as possible.
She hates the fact that it rotates, but will jump up on it regardless.
Two mean strategies for getting her to jump off:
(1) Try to pick her up for a cuddle.
(2) Turn the chair very slowly.

(August 2008)

Next, the new duvet cover.
Much better than the special heated cat cup Reina bought her <snf>, which is on the same bed.
In her defence, she does set off the pattern very well.

(December 2008)

N.B. As of this writing (March 2009), she has not used the heated cat cup in over a year. I don’t know why I keep buying her beds. Well, actually I do.


It’s because I can’t resist her when she looks like this.

But if you try to scoop her up for a hug, she will trot away, her stripy tail waving.

That’s Snufkin.

(June 2008)

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