Snufkin Aged Six
November 2001 to December 2002
Schenectady, New York


A new bed! Snufkin loves it for ten days, then hates it, then likes it again (briefly) after four months.
(March 2002)


Napping on a heated bed — one of her many sleeping places.
(November 2001)

Snufkin is given a plant.
(February 2002)


Snufkin registers her disappointment at Reina’s going out to work.
(February 2002)

Reina likes delphiniums.
Snufkin does not.

Why isn’t Reina paying attention to me?

(May 2002)

Snufkin finally consents to being photographed face-on, but isn’t too happy about it.


Four months after she is given the very nice cat tree below,
a thunderstorm finally convinces Snufkin that the crow’s nest might be a good place to hide.
(July 2002)


Snufkin cuddles up by the radiator in bed number six (yes, six). Following her usual pattern, she enjoys her new possession for about four days, then abandons it.

(December 2002)

Snufkin’s bed history

Bed number 1 (1996). Dark blue with small flowers, foam-filled, circular. Snufkin is never seen in it, even after her spay surgery. Reina sprinkles it with catnip, to no avail. It is thrown away.

Bed number 2 (1997). Hunter green, plush, circular. Snufkin stinks it up for a few weeks, then suddenly stops using it. Washing the cover does no good.

Bed number 3 (2000). A rectangular plush-covered heated pad. Snufkin loves it for a month, then ... (same old story). In 2001, beds 2 & 3 are given to her cousin, Pippin, who likes to knead the latter and keep her toys in the former. She does not seem to mind Snufkin’s hair all over both.

Bed number 4 (2001). A round plush-covered heated pad; see above. Used intermittently for several years until the heating element stopped working well. Given to Pippin, who doesn’t mind the lukewarm temperature or the Snufkin smell.

Bed number 5 (2001). The “Cat Cup” (fake lambswool); see top picture. An impulse purchase from Drs. Foster & Smith, because of (i) the cute name and (ii) the even cuter kitten in the catalogue who looked a little like Snufkin. Snufkin uses it in November 2001 and March 2002. Present location unknown.

Bed number 6 (2002). Light green, with a hood; see last group of pictures above. Bought for home use so that bed number 5 could be taken to Reina’s office, in case Snufkin cared to visit. She does not. Present location unknown.

Bed number 7 (2004). White scratchy material, same shape as Bed No. 5 (Cat Cup). Bought on Snufkin’s first day in Atlanta, as the move had upset her greatly. She used it religiously for about a week, intermittently for a couple of months, then a few times half a year later. Now being used to store cat toys, although she did climb in (on top of the toys) and nap for a couple of days.

Bed number 8 (2007). The Thermo-Kitty Bed, also cup-shaped. Has a dual thermostat that keeps the bed at a comfortable 102° F (approximately body temperature for a cat) when in use, and 10-15° F above room temperature when unoccupied. Bought upon the failure of Bed No. 4 (her second heated pad).

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