The Secret Diary of Snufkin Aged 13 3/4
Summer and Autumn, 2009
Lincoln, Nebraska


Full disclosure: In October 2009, when the last photos on this page were taken, Snufkin was only 13 1/2. When I decided that the second page for 2009 had to have this title, I was dismayed to find no pictures taken between 13 November 2009 (13 years 7 months) and 9 April 2010 (14th birthday). If only I had anticipated this problem, I would have snapped a hundred blurry photos of an angry, uncooperative Snufkin on 9 January 2010. Perhaps it’s just as well.

Saturday June 27th

Food Lady and Mr. Food Lady came to visit this week. They went strawberry picking without me, even though I am very good at finding things. Reina said I would not be good at finding strawberries because I am an obligate carnivore. Then she and Food Lady got tipsy on daiquiris “because we shouldn’t let all these strawberries go to waste.” Maybe she wouldn’t have had too many strawberries if she had gone strawberry picking with an obligate carnivore instead of two humans with opposable thumbs, which are not as good as my tidy white paws with pink paw pads, even if I do say so myself.


Anyway, the guests are gone now, which is good. Reina lent Food Lady a bathrobe, which she (Reina, not Food Lady, who is tidy) left on her computer chair. She was just being lazy but it turned out to be a very nice napping place for me. I usually don’t get to sit on that chair because it is all slanty. Sometimes I think that living with a messy person has its benefits.

Monday July 6th

Reina was all in my face again today, taking a MILLION pictures with her cell phone. I don’t know why because they always come out grainy. She says my cuteness outweighs the poor picture quality, but she is WRONG.

Saturday July 18th

A package from Food Lady! I got a soft navy mat and a white fur toy on a stick (right). You can never have too many toys on sticks. Reina said the toy probably wasn’t vegan but I said I’m not vegan and neither is my food, which shut her up. We played with the toy (below) until I got a little light-headed (below right).



I have five legs!
Just kidding.
I have four legs.

We played with some other toys as well. This is Reina’s favourite picture from today. I am not happy that my bottom is almost showing but she said I look very cute and young and also clever, so I let it go.

Friday October 9th: my half-birthday

A terrible day!!!!!

Her name is Gemma. I think that is a stupid name. It isn’t literary like my name.

Anyway, it turns out she isn’t real, so I guess she can stay. She is a doorstop, not a cat.

Here she is holding open a door, which is what she is supposed to do because she is a doorstop. From the top you can see her seams! Ha ha!

Reina says I should be nice to her because the only reason she (Reina) chose her (Gemma) was that she (Gemma) reminds her (Reina) of me (Snufkin). And she bought Gemma for me, to hold open the door to the study where my litter box is so that the door doesn’t blow shut. I guess that was nice of her (Reina). But I still don’t like her (Gemma).


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