Snufkin Aged Eight
Pictures from October 2004 to May 2005
Atlanta, Georgia

Snufkin lived in Atlanta from July 2004 to May 2005. It took her many months to get used to her new dwelling, only two of whose windows were cat-friendly and which was quite dark even in the daytime. Both factors contributed to there being relatively few pictures of Snufkin as a Georgia Peach. An additional source of distress was that the apartment turned out to be infested with fleas. Snufkin herself was treated immediately and was flea-free within 48 hours, but it took the onset of cold weather for all activity to die down.


Poor Snufkin! She is taking refuge in her new fuzzy bed, bought on the day of the move to Atlanta because she was so upset.
(The next move went very smoothly, thanks to Feliway.)
(October 2004)


Snufkin’s green-gold eyes usually gleam yellow in the camera flash. Here, something strange happened.
(October 2004)


Napping by one of the two cat-friendly windows, right next to my bed.
(November 2004)


On top of the crow’s nest, seven feet up.
Hmm... do I want to jump from here?
No ... slide, then jump.
But from here, jumping is...
... a snap.
(January 2005)


She doesn’t like the fuzzy bed any more.
(February 2005)

Enjoying the other cat-friendly window.
Note that the windows are open in mid-winter!
(January 2005)


One last nap, two days before the move to Nebraska.
(May 2005)

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