Snufkin Aged Seven and Three Quarters
Winter and Spring, 2004
Schenectady, New York


I finally got Snufkin to pose by her desktop image.
As you can see, she does not like being forced to do such things, so I gave up
on the idea of using this picture on the computer and getting her to pose by it.

I am jealous beyond words of the person who got his/her cat, “Basil”,
to pose for this picture. This one of “Milo” is even more stylish. Snf.
(December 2003)


Snufkin’s Toy Corner

Snufkin has uncountably many toys.
(‘Uncountable’ here means ‘not countable by me because most of them have been batted under a piece of furniture’ ... not the other thing.)
Featured here: a feather wand, scratchy cushion, felt dinosaur, catnip pellets, catnip bubbles.
A perennial favourite is not pictured: the ‘TurboScratcher’, a circular scratching pad with a ball that runs on an outer track.

Planning her move...
Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of her twirling in mid-air.
(October 2003)


This cushion is made out of a scratchy, decidedly synthetic material that I refer to as “Les Chats L’Adorent!” because of the French logo on the side of its packaging and because I don’t know its real name. (Snufkin also has a bed, her seventh, made out of Les Chats L’Adorent!.) She does indeed adore the material, in a rather violent way. Her back legs are swiping viciously, her front claws are dug in, and she is tearing the flesh material with her teeth.

Mine! All mine!

Also hers: the feather wand (upper edge of carpet) and Panic Mouse (cropped at the right edge).

(December 2003)


Snufkin’s favourite Christmas present: a felt dinosaur filled with catnip.
(December 2003)


Snufkin is in catnip heaven. The large bottle contains concentrated pellets. The bubbles (right) are catnip-flavoured.
(April 2004)

Snufkin’s Cat Tree, Again

Sitting, scratching, peering, climbing, hiding. (October 2003 to May 2004)


A final glamour shot

Isn’t she pretty? And clever-looking? A lovely close-up, taken while she was on my lap.
(February 2004)

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