Snufkin Aged Seven and a Half
Autumn 2003
Schenectady, New York


Looking west, late one sunny afternoon
(September 2003)


Drenched in sunlight
(September 2003)


(September 2003)


Snufkin likes to be taken seriously.
(September 2003)


For someone who hates baths, Snufkin certainly takes a lot of interest in other people’s.
(September 2003)


Snufkin loves her Drinkwell Pet Fountain, voted Best New Product by Cat Fancy in 2001. (She is not as fond of the 2002 winner, a toy called Panic Mouse.) The water is continually filtered and aerated, which encourages cats to drink more and thus promotes urinary tract health. At first Snufkin was scared by the sound of the motor, but now she enjoys drinking from the spout (left) and playing with the water (below).
(September 2003)


Snufkin’s five stripes

Snufkin has five stripes on the back of her head.
The middle three merge into a thick black stripe that runs along the length of her spine
all the way to her tail, the last two inches of which are black all the way round.

Without any further ado, here they are.

(If you can't see the stripes on your screen, please enjoy those yellow numbers.)


Snufkin is caught in an uncharacteristically louche pose whilst grooming ...


... and expresses her outrage at the intrusion, a scant five seconds later.
(September 2003)

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