Snufkin Aged Seven
Digital pictures from the summer of 2003
Schenectady, New York


In September 2003, Reina bought a digital camera for the sole purpose of photographing Snufkin.
Here are her first efforts.


My favourite picture: Snuffy showing off her pretty green eyes and white paws.
Her eyes change from green to gold depending on the light,
but often look yellower in pictures than they actually are.
This seems to be the feline equivalent of “red eye”.
Her coat also looks different in different lighting conditions: brown indoors, grey outdoors.


What a splendid cat!

Curious Snufkin, staring at a suspicious patch of light (reflected off the camera).
She is also a ferocious hunter of shadows, especially on Venetian blinds.
Occasionally her paw gets stuck, but she just shakes it out and keeps on batting.



Plaintive. She is about to ask for a treat.


Hooray! Snufkin is no longer afraid of being photographed.
The digital camera is much quieter and less threatening, even when it’s right in her face.


Poor Snufkin is never safe from the camera (unless there’s insufficient light).
The morning light flooding through the window saved this picture.
The window is one of Snufkin's favourites, as is the hiding place under the chair.


When Snufkin settles down, she likes to sit on things, especially crinkly things.
She is lucky to be living with such a messy human companion.
Here, she is guarding a bag of manila envelopes.

Somehow, she looks good even scratching her contorted face.
Yes, Reina is aware that the tip of Snufkin’s tail got cropped out of the picture.
She will try harder next time — which, of course, will be very soon.

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