Snufkin’s Baby Album
Pictures from the summer of 1996
Princeton, New Jersey

Snufkin was born around 9 April 1996, and adopted by Reina Hayaki on 17 June. She had been living for a few weeks at the Princeton (N.J.) Small Animal Rescue League, with several other kittens waiting for adoption. She spent her first day in her new home running around, squeaking with excitement. Her veterinary records show that she weighed 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) on 18 June. By 30 September she’d grown to 5.6 lbs (2.55 kg), and she reached her adult weight of approximately 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg) the following spring.

Adoption day
(17 June 1996, aged ten weeks)


Settling in: playtime
(18 July 1996)

Snufkin was (and is) very fond of batting things, whether toys or not.


Little Miss Greedy
(19 June 1996)

Two days after her adoption, Snufkin was still getting used to being an only cat, not having to compete with four other kittens for food. She ate and ate and ate ... and her little belly swelled up so much that she had to spend the whole day on her back, resting.



Left: Laptop
(3 July 1996, aged twelve weeks)

Below: Laptop box
(3 July 1996)


(3 July 1996)


Itchy & Scratchy
(3 July 1996)


Napping under the dining table...
(3 July 1996)



...and napping some more
(3 July 1996)


...and some more
(7 July 1996)


On her window perch, subduing a sock,
and reflected in the window.
(2 November 1996, aged seven months)

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